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The Congress takes place every second year. While the first five congresses were termed Multinational Congress on Electron Microscopy (MCEM), the name of the congress was changed in 2003 to the Multinational Congress on Microscopy (MCM) in order to stress the wider scope of the congress, and to include all varieties of microscopy. The 8MCM will comprise scientific sessions consisting of plenary lectures, invited lectures, selected oral presentations and poster presentations, as well as trade exhibition and social events. The participation of PhD students and young scientists will be facilitated by providing a discounted registration fee and a number of fellowships (in collaboration with  microscopy-related companies and EMS).



  • to allow the scientists to present their recent scientific results obtained using microscopy methods
  • to discuss latest theoretical and instrumental advances of various microscopy techniques
  • to foster advanced knowledge on materials and biological samples preparation
  • to widen personal contacts for future scientific cooperation and networking
  • to provide a platform for presentation of newest technologies by microscopy-related companies


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1. The Multinational Advisory Board shall be responsible for sustaining the MCM mission including but not limited to the planning of congresses.

2. The Multinational Advisory Board shall consist of minimum two and maximum three members from each of the organizing societies. Members of the Multinational Advisory Board are delegated by the societies.

3. The Multinational Advisory Board shall have the President. The MCM organizer becomes automatically the President of the Multinational Advisory Board until the next congress. The President shall be responsible for organizing the deliberations of the Multinational Advisory Board during and between the MCM. The presidency starts after the MCM during which the new organizer was selected, and terminates at the end of the subsequent MCM at which the next organizer was selected.

4. The business of the Multinational Advisory Board shall be conducted in actual meetings, bye-mail or postal mail. When necessary, decisions shall be made based on a majority of votes of those present, or responding to e-mail referenda-. A vote cannot be completed unless at least one third of members are present or have responded.

5. Decisions on the MCM sites and organizers shall be the responsibility of the Multinational Advisory Board. The site for the next MCM meeting is decided during MCM in progress. The proposals for future MCM meetings should be submitted to the current President of the Multinational Advisory Board no later than three months before the MCM meeting. The president of the Multinational Advisory Board sends the proposals to all Multinational Advisory Board members.

6. The detailed organization of the MCM, including logistic arrangements and fund raising shall be the responsibility of the organizer of the MCM. The MCM organizer proposes half of invited speakers while other half is proposed by adjoined societies. The Multinational Advisory Board shall provide support to the organizer to the extent of the members' ability. The organizer of the MCM will create and operate a web page with relevant information about the MCM one year before the start of the MCM.


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